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Gobostage | Custom gobos

Gobos can be compared to lenses that would be placed on a gobo projector to make appear all sorts of pics, words or logo in high and very high quality.

Since all kinds of visuals can be reproduced on their surface to be projected, gobos are most of the time made of glass or metal and are extremely reliable as they do not distort the image on it.
Any image can be chosen as our gobos support all resolutions.

Used for projection on buildings, concerts, fashion shows, weddings or even in industry, custom gobos can be reproduced in black and white or featuring one, two or several colors.

In order to make your gobo, Gobostage simply need its size and your lettering, logo, design, image, picture and so on.
Count one day for realization and one or two more days for expedition.

All our models are qualified to be performant and to adapt to the most exigent conditions. Discover, among our models as monogram gobo and many others, which gobo is made for you.

Ask us for a catalog we will be happy to send you. Do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address or by visiting our website